Shardul Thakur Net Worth: Salary, Endorsements And Interesting Facts

The net worth of a famous Indian international cricketer named Shardul Thakur is approximately 3.5 million USD, which is 26 crores rupees as per the Indian currency. 

The destructive player was born on 16th October 1991 in Palghar, Maharashtra and has the craziness for cricket since childhood. Once, he hit 6 sixes in 6 balls while playing in an inter-school tournament.

The superb right-hand batsman and right-arm fast bowler was once made the captain of Indian Cricket team, where due to his excellent leadership skills, India has touched the sky and became one of the toughest teams.

Even in the historical Test match win at Gabba, where he scored mind-blowing 50 runs, has his name in the list of main players. 

Initially, Thakur was a pure batsman and he never thought of pacing. But due to hectic competition in the batting field, he opted for bowling and didn’t waste his time.

From childhood, he was a big fan of the great Indian batsman Sachin Tendulkar and wanted to be a great batsman like him. 

He played his first first-class match against Rajasthan in November 2012 and after that match, slowly-slowly he cemented his place in all three formats of cricket and reached 3.5 million USD net worth.

From the last 2 years his performance has improved so drastically that now he is considered as the heartbeat of Indian cricket. 

Let’s check out all the details related to his salary, endorsements, assets and highlight some interesting facts about the Maharashtrian player! 

Shardul Thakur Salary

Shardul Thakur

Every Indian player has gathered his salary from The Board of Control for Cricket in India and similarly, the 29 years old also collected the massive net worth of 26 crores from his BCCI salaries, IPL contracts and his private businesses.

BCCI has already set some amount for every type of player as per their contracts. Every player has been provided by some contracts and is paid as per the results.

Shardul Thakur’s name is in the B Grade category and as per the rules, his yearly salary is 3 crore rupees. Every B Grade player got 3 crore rupees annually as their retainer fee. 

Shardul Thakur Endorsements

Shardul Thakur has become very successful in th3 cricket field and has contributed a lot towards his commercial world success. But in the endorsement world, Thakur is still a rookie. 

He is going to notch big heavy contracts from various huge brands such as Tata Power, Gillette, Blitz Pools and SS Sports. His name is associated with many big brands and he earns more than crores. 

Shardul Thakur Assets

Car Collection of Shardul Thakur

As per his aggressive persona, many people think that he must be a fan of high-end luxurious cars and extravagant lifestyles, but the reality is totally opposite.

He doesn’t have any extraordinary savage car collection and owns one Mercedes SUV car and one Thar. 

Thar was also gifted by the company Mahindra itself because of his blockbusting performance in the famous Gabba Test match in 2021. 

House of Shardul Thakur

He’s from Palghar, Maharashtra and hails from a typical Maharashtrian background. So, in Maharashtra he owns a very beautiful and cozy farm house which has all the amenities to ease the lifestyle. 

Due to his cricket career, he spent most of his teenage and adulthood in Mumbai where he has a luxurious villa. As per the reports, we recently got to know that he is going to move to Mumbai with his gorgeous wife very soon.

He also owns multiple real estate properties in different countries. 

Shardul Thakur’s Wife

Thakur has tied the knot to his long term girlfriend named Mittali Parulkar who is also from Maharashtra. She is a famous model, an entrepreneur and former secretary at Chetak Enterprises Limited.

She is a founder of a unique baked brand that offers exquisite global treats named ‘All the Jazz-Luxury Balers’. Both of them got engaged in November 2021 and posted a few pictures of their engagement ceremony with a caption ‘The beginning of forever’. Nothing has been revealed about their marriage yet. 

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Shardul Thakur IPL salary

Shardul Thakur

Now, in this section we will discuss his IPL salary and also spread some lights on the expected net worth in the last 5 years. 

Thakur played his first IPL match in 2014 for the team Punjab Kings, where he got 20 Lac rupees for each IPL match. But later on due to his mind-blowing performance, he was offered an unbelievable amount by the team Chennai Super Kings.

After playing 4 years for Punjab Kings (2014-2017), team CSK offered him 2.6 crore rupees for each IPL match. This amount is almost 10 times greater than the earlier one. He played on the behalf of CSK from 2018 to 2021. 

Now you can see how dangerously he is growing his name as well as game.

This is not the end as this year in 2022, one of the best IPL teams Delhi Capitals purchased Shardul Thakur in IPL mega auctions and brought a proposal of 10.75 crore rupees for every IPL match he plays. This is seriously unbelievable guys! 

Here is the list of expected net worth of Shardul Thakur in last 5 years.

In 2018 – 6 crore rupees

In 2019 – 8 crore rupees

In 2020 – 10 crore rupees

In 2021 – 13 crore rupees

And his current net worth is estimated to be around 30 crore rupees. 

Some Interesting Facts.

  • In 2006, while schooling he made headlines by hitting six sixes in just one over, in an inter-school competition. 
  • He is from Palghar, Maharashtra but still opted to play domestic cricket for Mumbai and made his debut in 2012-13 under the captaincy of Rohit Sharma. 
  • He is the third highest wicket taker in a Ranji season. He picked up 48 wickets in Ranji trophy 2014-15, which was the highest one along with another player Vinay Kumar who also had the same number of scalps. 
  • He had gone through very long train journeys. As he is from Palghar, Maharashtra so he has to travel 87 kilometers North of Mumbai fir different matches. He used to travel for over 7 hours back and forth in his teenage along with his beautiful cricket kit.  
  • Once Shardul Thakur was also sparked in a controversy when he debuted with the number 10 Jersey which was Sachin Tendulkar’s  jersey number. Fans got annoyed and he received a lot of flakes. But, Shardul Thakur chose this number because it’s his birth month. And to remove all these conflicts Shardul changed his Jersey number to 54 from 10. 
  • He traveled from Ahmedabad to Jaipur by road covering 700 Kilometers to play a Vijay Hazare Trophy match for Mumbai. 
  • Thakur was selected in the team because of his perfect flexibility with both bat and ball. The all-rounder smashed the 2nd fastest Test fifty, 57 runs in 36 balls and saved the India team who was in a precarious situation at the Oval against England. 

Frequently Asked Question.

1. What’s the newly given nickname to Mr. Shardul Thakur? 

From the day he changed his gaming style a lot, and became the biggest content for netizens, he is known as “Lord Thakur”. This name is sparkled from the social media and went viral. 

2. Is Shardul Thakur Married? 

Shardul Thakur got engaged to Mittalli Parulkar in November 2021, but there’s no update about their marriage. 

3. What is the full name and school name of Shardul Thakur?

Shardul Thakur has done his schooling from Swami Vivekananda International school in Palghar. His full name is Shardul Narendra Thakur. 

4. What’s the jersey number and height of Mr. Maharashtrian?

His jersey number is 54 and his height is 1.25 meters. 

5. What about Shardul Thakur’s social media appearance? 

On Instagram he has 1.2 million followers and on Twitter 513K followers. He is not getting viral only because of his gaming style, but due to his hilarious nature and funny things he posted in comment sections of his teammates. 

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