Sarfaraz Khan: The ‘Wandering Cricketer’ On The Road To Stardom!!

Sarfaraz Khan, an aggressive right-handed batsman who was once a wandering cricketer is now on the road to stardom.

Recently, in an interview, Sarfaraz shared some unbelievable efforts of his father Naushad Khan, who always wanted him to become an outstanding cricketer. He has shared his journey from just being a gully cricketer to a Ranji player.

Sarfaraz Khan Consider His Father His Support System

He also shared his feelings about his father’s countless efforts. Sarfaraz appreciated his father’s dedication and stated that it’s impossible to find a man like him.

A few years back, he has problems with his knees, and doctors consulted him to get operated, but he didn’t because he thought if he become bedridden or a wheelchair patient then who will coach his son?

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Sarfaraz Khan: The ‘wandering cricketer’ on the road to stardom!!

He often gets teary-eyed when he talks about his childhood. He always thanked his father and wondered what would have happened to him if his father wasn’t there to guide him.

As we all know whether Mumbai can change at any time, and it becomes difficult to reach the ground, so his father and coach laid a synthetic pitch beside his home in the suburbs.

His father was both strict and funny and didn’t want him to miss a single practice.

And not only that, but his father Naushad Khan, also added one game during his practicing session. When Sarfaraz was 15, his father put a price on his wicket, whenever he was knocked out, his father lost 50 rupees.

He did it to teach him the importance of wickets in the cricket world.

And some days, he lost 300-400 rupees in just a single day, which isn’t a small amount for a middle-class family, but to teach his children, he didn’t care about these things and taught him very well.

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All those moments were unforgettable and for Sarfaraz, his father is the only role model in this world!

Sarfaraz Khan Journey Insights

Sarfaraz Khan was just 17 years old when he played his first-ever IPL match. He found his place as a batter in the 15-man squad and represented the team Mumbai.

No one can achieve such a height alone, and in the wandering cricketer’s case, the major reason behind his success is his father, Naushad Khan.

He was coached from a younger age by Bharat Arun, and his father requested him to look after him as he’s a little naughty boy. But the coach appreciated Sarfaraz’s humor and consider it an asset.

Sarfaraz Khan: The ‘wandering cricketer’ on the road to stardom!!

His funny attitude cools down the team, releases their stress, and enhances their performance on the ground.

After a mind-blowing performance in the 2014 and 2016, ICC Under-19 Cricket World Cup, he walked on the road to stardom.

He was bought by RCB for 5 million in 2015, and until today, in the total of 15 seasons of IPL, he played 13 matches and scored 111 runs!

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So, share your views about the struggling story of one father for his sons, and comment on the name of your role model! Keep in touch!

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