Sachin Tendulkar Picks Dream XI Post Ipl 2022. No 7 And No 8 Are Our Favourite Too

Recently, Sachin Tendulkar made some revelations. The former international cricketer admitted that he had to remove several players who were worthy of the spot in his IPL 2022 all-star team as only 11 were available. Here is what you should know!

Sachin Tendulkar Picked 11 Players Who Deserved a Spot In His Ipl 2022

Sachin Tendulkar has shared his top 11 from the recently ended 2022 season of the IPL (Indian Premier League). As we all know, this year Gujarat Titans took home the IPL 2022 trophy even though it was their maiden season in the league. Hardik Panya being the captain of the team led his squad to victory in his very first season as the leader of this newly added team.

So Sachin Tendulkar revealed that he packed 11 players solely based on the performances of the players in this IPL season. Here is what he said on his Youtube channel: “It’s got nothing to do with players’ reputation or their past performances. It is purely based on their performances this season and what they have been able to achieve this season.”

Apart from that, the former Mumbai Indian captain chose Hardik Pandya as the captain of his team and shared, “Hardik was the standout captain this season. He was clear in his mind, proactive. I always say that don’t regret, celebrate. If you can celebrate, it means the captain is outsmarting the opposition and that is what Hardik did.”

Furthermore, Tendulkar also said that he would pick left-handed opening batsman, Shikhar Dhawan, and English Cricketer, Jos Buttler as his openers. His motive behind this dua was that he wanted both, the left and right combination up top.

While Dhawan scored 460 runs in 14 matches, on the other hand, Buttler became the player of the tournament after scoring an extraordinary 863 runs and was the runaway winner of the Orange Cap as well.

“He accelerates beautifully and keeps rotating the strike. A left-hander is always handy and Shikhar’s experience will also come useful,” Tendulkar said while referring to Dhawan.

Buttler was an obvious choice for Tendulkar. He said, “What a season he (Buttler) has had. Fabulous. I can’t see any player more dangerous than him in this IPL. There are a couple but when Buttler gets going, not many can catch up.”

After that, Tendulkar picked KL Rahul from Lucknow Super Giants at no. 3. KL made two centuries and was the second-highest run-scorer behind Buttler with 616 runs in 15 innings, which is quite commendable. Tendulkar said, “I really like his (KL Rahul) stability and consistency. He is a player who can pick singles and when he wants to hit sixes he has the ability to do that as well.”

In the no. 4 came Hardik Pandya, where Tendulkar shared, “He played some crucial knocks. Just like KL Rahul, he can hit sixes at will. He has got brute power, his bat swing is beautiful and the stability when he wants to hit the ball is really nice.”

Next, Tendulkar chose David Miller for his stellar form in the IPL 2022. He also picked Miller in no.5 because he believes the left-right combination is important.

Here is what he said: “Bringing another left-hander here because the left-right combination is important. There are a number of names who were there but I am going to play David Miller.

He showed tremendous form, very good consistency, and played some crucial knocks. What I observed this season was that he was able to hit all sides of the ground. It was proper cricketing shots and it was a treat to watch.”

Then came the big-hitting duo of Dinesh Karthik and Liam Livingstone, where Tendulkar picked the foreigner as his wicketkeeper. “(Livingston) has the ability to hit sixes, dangerous player. He is very clear in his mind and backs himself.

At number 6 that is a good position. His bowling will also come in handy, I would ask him to bowl off-spin more often,” said Tendulkar. 

“He showed extraordinary consistency this season. I felt he looked calm and composed. He looked in control. When a batter is calm and has the ability to play 360, he is dangerous and that is exactly what Dinesh Karthik did this season. He is an obvious choice for me.” Tendulkar said about Karthik.

Sachin Tendulkar Chooses The Ballers In His Ipl 2022 Xi Team

Then, Tendulkar picked Yuzvendra Chahal, Jasprit Bumrah, Mohammed Shami and Rashid Khan as his main ballers. On Rashid, Tendulkar said, “He is dangerous as a batter, one has to remember. He gets breakthroughs in the middle overs and his success rate is very high. I have no iota of doubt about him at 8.” 

About Shami, Tendulkar said that he is skilled enough to get wickets and Bumrah is the best death bowler in the world. There are many new amazing bowlers, but Bumrah is his first choice. Tendulkar knows that at the start and in the death overs, Bumrah is dangerous.

Others will have to push a little more to replace Bumrah,” said Tendulkar. In the end, Tendulkar chose Chahal as a good bowling attacker along with Rashid, Pandya, and Livington.

You can watch the entire talk on his recent YouTube video below.

So now Sachin Tendulkar is all set to form his team. And we must say that he has chosen a combination of the best players in his team while keeping the left-right combination in mind.

Here is what his IPL 2022 XI team includes as per the order, Jos Buttler, Shikhar Dhawan, KL Rahul, Hardik Pandya (captain), David Miller, Liam Livingstone, Dinesh Karthik, Rashid Khan, Mohammed Shami, Jasprit Bumrah, Yuzvendra Chahal. Stay tuned for more.

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