Pakistan’s Former Icc Elite Umpire Now Runs a Shop Selling Clothes And Shoes In Lahore!

Asad Rauf, who was Pakistan’s former ICC elite umpire is now running a shoes and clothes shop in Lahore. This 360-degree change in the field is confirmed in a tweet.  posted on 24th June 2022, which includes his two pictures, one in an umpires’ uniform and the other as a shopkeeper.

After knowing about these decisions, it has been observed that not just fans real many cricket players and teams are being muddled and concerned. 

Why Did He Leave The Cricket World?

Pakistan’s Asad Rauf who has umpired in over 170 international cricket matches from 2000 to 2013, has no longer interested in cricket anymore. He was elected as a member of the ICC Elite Umpire Panel from 2006 to 2013, but, in 2013’s IPLs,  BCCI blamed him for spot-fixing. 

As per BCCI, he made contacts with bookies and also received various gifts from them which is a kind of betrayal.

On this allegation, Rauf said that he had seen enough money so why would he do so? Also one of his sons was recently coming from USA after completing his graduation. 

The news of match-fixing wasn’t even vanished, and just after a year, one model from Mumbai accused him of sexual exploitation. She says that he raped her and after the news burst up, he promised to marry her, but later on he backed out from his promises 

Due to all these allegations, in 2016, he was banned by the governing body of world cricket. But folks, if he didn’t involve in any kinds of scandals, then he will definitely live his retirement life comfortably due to his good records in cricket. 

Where And What Kind Of Shop It Is?

The five times Namazi, Asad Rauf, is currently running a second-hand clothes and shoe store. Basically, the shop is in the famous bazaar of Pakistan, Lahore, named Landa Bazar and he has opened up this shop in 2014 after leaving the cricket world. 

Recently in an interview with a Pakistani news channel, he passed one statement which says “Once I leave something, I leave it completely”. Basically, this statement declared that he hasn’t been in touch with the game since 2013, and almost after ten years, he is still very happy doing what he is. 

One more famous line he said was, ‘I have reached the peak’ which implies his confident attitude. By this statement, he just wants to convey that when he was a cricketer and an umpire, he excelled in that job, and now when he’s a shopkeeper he’s still working hard and trying to reach his peak. 

So, cricket fans,  what do you think are all these allegations are true or not! And was his decision of switching the profession right or not?

 Let us know your thoughts and keep reading for more insights.

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