10 Most Handsome Cricketer In The World

Among all cricketers in the world, Virat Kohli is said to be the Most Handsome Cricketer In The World. Virat has ruled the cricket world with his consistent performance, never-back-down attitude, and dashing looks. 

This Indian cricketer is also called the face of modern cricket in India. Because of his handsome personality, striking looks, and huge fan following, Virat Kohli receives many brand endorsements.

KL Rahul, Joe Root, Kane Williamson, AB De Villiers, Ben Stokes, and Alastair Cook are also known for their dashing looks and personality.

Most Handsome Cricketer In The World

In the past few years, the female viewership of cricket has started to rise, and some experts suggest handsome cricketers as the reason behind this.

It is common to notice female fans going crazy over players like Virat Kohli, KL Rahul, and Ben Stokes. Here is the list of handsome cricketers in the world who are famous for their looks, performance, and fan-following.

1. Virat Kohli (India)

Virat Kohli

Virat Kohli is currently known as the most handsome cricketer in the world. His striking looks and natural charisma have made him the most marketable brand ambassador of cricket in India.

He has been ranked as the number one batsman in Test, ODI, and T20I formats for over a year. 

He is considered the modern-day great by cricketing experts because of his consistency across all formats. Virat is not only one of the most successful batsmen in India. He also captained the Indian team to glory. 

2. KL Rahul (India)

KL Rahul

KL Rahul is one of the few Indian players who has scored a hundred international in all three formats of the game (T20, ODI, and Test).

In addition, he has hit the highest number of sixes in a T20I match. KL Rahul has also performed well in International T20 tournaments. 

Besides his top-class batting, Rahul is also aesthetic with his looks and is one of the handsome hunks of the Indian cricket team. His performance received a good response from the fans, and his brand endorsements are also increasing greatly.

3. Joe Root (England)

 Joe Root

This Englishman, Joe Root, is known as one of the finest cricketers in world cricket. He is known for his outstanding batting skills and charming looks. Root has scored several tons in all formats of the game.

He has played in many successful series and tournaments for the England team. However, Root makes his position in this list because of his adorable looks. 

4. Kane Williamson (New Zealand)

Kane Williamson

Kane Williamson is the captain of the New Zealand national cricket team and one of the most stylish batsmen in world cricket. He is known for his calm, composed attitude on and off the field. 

His performance as a batsman is beyond doubt, as he has scored many centuries and delivered big during tough times for his team. Moreover, his handsome personality and calm attitude on and off the field have made him one of the most dashing cricketers in world cricket.

5. AB De Villiers (South Africa)

AB De Villiers

AB De Villiers is one of the most talented cricketers in world cricket. This South African player is known for his outrageous skills with the bat. However, AB is mostly known for his 360-degree batting style and for destroying opponents with his big hitting. 

However, AB is also famous among girls for his dashing and tall, gloomy looks. He also holds the record for the fastest 50, 100, and 150 scores in ODIs. 

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6. Ben Stokes (England)

Ben Stokes

Stokes’ aggressive appearance and good looks have made him a fan favorite and model in England’s cricket team. He became a central figure in England’s Test series in a victory against Australia in the decider of Ashes 2019.

In addition, Stokes’ ability to get the better of opposing bowlers has seen him become one of the most marketable cricketers in world cricket. 

7. Eoin Morgan (England)

Eoin Morgan

Eoin Morgan is known to be one of the greatest batsmen England has ever produced. He was also the skipper of the England national cricket team during their 2016 ICC World T20 campaign in India.

Last year, he announced his retirement from all game formats after winning the World Cup as a captain for his country. Morgan has always been the ladies’ favorite throughout his career because of his charming looks. 

8. Alastair Cook (England)

Alastair Cook

Cook is one of the most handsome cricketers in world cricket. He is also considered one of the most marketable cricketers because of his dashing looks and excellent batting skills. Alastair is known for his good looks and charming personality, making him a crowd favorite and a brand ambassador for big companies.

Cook has now retired from international cricket after having a remarkable career as an opener batsman for England. 

9. Pat Cummins (Australia)

Pat Cummins

Cummins is one of the best fast bowlers in world cricket. He has played for Australia and England in all formats of the game. His ability to take wickets in ODIs and Tests has made him one of the most marketable cricketers.

He has also played some crucial knocks with the bat for Australia during his career while batting down the order. 

10. Martin Guptil (New Zealand)

Martin Guptil

Guptil is among the few players to score a double ton in ODIs with international cricketers. He holds a tremendous record in both ODIs and T20I. Guptil is known for his extraordinary ability to play big shots and for fan-following in New Zealand.

His good looks, charming personality, and positive attitude towards cricket have made him one of the most handsome cricketers in world cricket.

These are the ten most handsome hunks in the cricket world who continue to sparkle their magic both on and off the field. While some of these players are retired, like AB and Cook, others continue to represent their teams in different game formats.  

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