Ten Cricketers with Most Centuries In Cricket

When it comes to scoring centuries in international cricket, there’s no one in the league of Sachin Tendulkar.

The Master Blaster from India has a world record for scoring Most Centuries In Cricket (100 centuries).

While the bar is set high by Sachin, many players are showing great potential in international cricket.

Many players have done exceptionally well in scoring centuries at frequent intervals in international cricket. 

Whether you talk about modern legends like Virat Kohli and AB De Villiers or retired legends including Kumar Sangakkara and Ricky Ponting, these are the players with the consistency of scoring in three figures.

Other players in this list include legends of all time like Brian Lara, Jacques Kallis, and Hashim Amla.

10 Cricketers with Most International Centuries

PlayerTeamMatches PlayedTest RunsCenturies
Sachin TendulkarIndiaTest – 200 ODI – 46315921 Test18426 ODI51 Test 49 ODI
Virat KohliIndiaTest- 102 ODI- 2628074 Test12344 ODI23 Test 47ODI 1 T20
Ricky PontingAustraliaTest- 168 ODI- 37513378 Test13704 ODI41 Test 30 ODI
Kumar SangakkaraSri LankaTest- 136 ODI- 40412400 Test 14234 ODI38 Test 25 ODI
Jacques KallisSouth AfricaTest- 166 ODI- 32813289 Test 11579 ODI45 Test 17 ODI
Hashim AmlaSouth AfricaTest- 124 ODI- 1819282 Test 8113 ODI28 Test 27 ODI
Mahela JayawardeneSri LankaTest- 149 ODI- 44811814 Test 12650 ODI34 Test 19 ODI1 T20
Brian LaraWest IndiesTest- 131 ODI- 29911953 Test10405 ODI34 Test 19 ODI
Rahul DravidIndiaTest- 164 ODI- 34413288 Test10889 ODI36 Test 12 ODI
AB de VilliersSouth AfricaTest- 114 ODI- 2288765 Test 9577 ODI22 Test 25 ODI

If you are a cricket fan, you must be aware of the gods of cricket, i.e., Sachin Tendulkar, Brian Lara, Jacques Kallis, Kumar Sangakkara, etc.

These players are known for their consistency and ability to score a match-winning hundred.

However, only Virat Kohli has shown some solid results among modern players, as he now stands tall with 71 international centuries.

Here’s a brief rundown of the top ten players with the most international centuries: 

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Sachin Tendulkar (100)

Most Centuries In Cricket

The credit for changing the dynamics of Indian cricket and popularizing it goes to Sachin Tendulkar.

The Master Blaster was a huge inspiration for young cricketers, and his consistency in playing match-winning knocks gives him the top spot over all other players.

With 51 test centuries and 49 ODI hundreds, Sachin is at the top of all charts with 100 international centuries. 

  • Matches Played: Test- 200 / ODI- 463
  • Runs: 15921 Test / 18426 ODI
  • Centuries: 51 Test / 49 ODI

Virat Kohli (71)

Most Centuries In Cricket

The second-highest century-getter is another Indian with a great passion for the game and a hunger to perform, Virat Kohli.

Recently, Virat Kohli ended his three-year streak of no centuries by scoring his 71st international century in a T20 game against Hong Kong.

Kohli has been impressive since his debut, and becoming the full-time captain of India across all formats improved his game. 

  • Matches Played: Test- 102 / ODI- 262
  • Runs: 8074 Test / 12344 ODI
  • Centuries: 23 Test / 47ODI / 1 T20

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Ricky Ponting (71)

Most Centuries In Cricket

Australian legend Ricky Ponting holds the third spot in the list with 71 centuries across all formats.

Ponting made his debut under Steve Waugh’s captaincy and became one of the most successful captains of all time.

He led the Australian team to many successful campaigns, including two consecutive wins of the Champions Trophy and two World Cup titles. 

  • Matches Played: Test- 168 / ODI- 375
  • Runs: 13378 Test / 13704 ODI
  • Centuries: 41 Test / 30 ODI

Kumar Sangakkara (63) 

Most Centuries In Cricket

Kumar Sangakkara has left the impression of an all-time best left-handed batsman across the batsman.

The Sri Lankan batting unit during the reign of Sangakkara and Mahela Jayawardene was impeccable.

He is one of the few players in test cricket to score a triple hundred. Sangakkara and Mahela also hold the record for the biggest partnership of 624 runs in first-class cricket. 

  • Matches Played: Test- 136 / ODI- 404
  • Runs: 12400 Test / 14234 ODI
  • Centuries: 38 Test / 25 ODI

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Jacques Kallis (62)

Most Centuries In Cricket

The role of an all-rounder can be defined perfectly by looking at the career of Jacques Kallis.

From stroke playing and consistent batting performance to presenting magical skills with the ball, Kallis has done it all for South Africa.

With 25,000 plus runs and 550+ wickets in international cricket, Kallis was one of the greatest all-rounders of all time. 

  • Matches Played: Test- 166 / ODI- 328
  • Runs: 13289 Test / 11579 ODI
  • Centuries: 45 Test / 17 ODI

Hashim Amla (55)

Hashim Amla was a perfectionist in tests and ODI cricket and has inspired many South African players.

Most Centuries In Cricket

Unlike modern-day cricket, which is focused more on power-hitting, Hashim Amla was a player with elegance and timing.

Moreover, he had a solid batting technique which proved fruitful for him to score 56 centuries and over 18,000 runs in international cricket. 

  • Matches Played: Test- 124 / ODI- 181
  • Runs: 9282 Test / 8113 ODI
  • Centuries: 28 Test / 27 ODI

Mahela Jayawardene (54)

Most Centuries In Cricket

Mahela Jayawardene was a solid performer throughout his career, even in overseas conditions.

He was also appointed as the captain of the Sri Lankan team and turned out as the most successful captain of Sri Lanka.

His sound batting technique and master-class timing helped him score loads of runs, including six double-centuries and one triple-hundred. 

  • Matches Played: Test- 149 / ODI- 448
  • Runs: 11814 Test / 12650 ODI
  • Centuries: 34 Test / 19 ODI / 1 T20

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Brian Lara (53)

Most Centuries In Cricket

Brian Lara was the magician of cricket who could turn impossible into possible. During his glory days, he was unstoppable and was considered the undisputed best player of the game.

He redefined batting with his batting style and scored 34 centuries in just 131 test matches at an average of 52.88, including the only quadruple century of test cricket. 

  • Matches Played: Test- 131 / ODI- 299
  • Runs: 11953 Test / 10405 ODI
  • Centuries: 34 Test / 19 ODI

Rahul Dravid (48)

Most Centuries In Cricket

Rahul Dravid is still one of the hardest-working cricketers with a top-class temperament while batting. Because of his playing style, he was referred to as the Wall of Indian cricket.

So when Rahul scored a hard-fought 95 on the tough pitch of Lord’s in his debut match, the world knew that he was a legend in the making.

His 48 centuries in international cricket include a double hundred in Oval and a 148-run inning on the tough track of Leeds. 

  • Matches Played: Test- 164 / ODI- 344
  • Runs: 13288 Test / 10889 ODI
  • Centuries: 36 Test / 12 ODI

AB de Villiers (47)

Most Centuries In Cricket

Yet another South African legend AB de Villiers holds the tenth spot in this list with his 360-degree playing style. AB, in his prime, was a nightmare for any bowler on any pitch.

He was best known for his skills to play ramp shots and switch hits, as well as the power to clear boundaries on any ground.

He is also the first South African batsman to score a double hundred in India.

  • Matches Played: Test- 114 / ODI- 228
  • Runs: 8765 Test / 9577 ODI
  • Centuries: 22 Test / 25 ODI

Frequently Asked Question

Q1. Who is the fastest 50 in cricket?

The record for the fastest 50 in T20 cricket is registered in the name of Indian cricketer Yuvraj Singh. Yuvraj scored a 12-ball fifty against England in 2007 while hitting six sixes in an over. 

Q2. Who hits the longest six in cricket history?

While playing against South Africa in 2003, Shahid Afridi set the record for the longest six by hitting a 153m long six. 

Q3. Who scored 50 runs in 12 balls?

the 2007 World Cup, Yuvraj Singh showed fierce intent against Stuart Broad by hitting six sixes in his over and scoring a 12-ball fifty. 

Q4. Who hit the fastest century?

When West Indies toured South Africa in 2015, AB de Villiers created a record for the fastest century by scoring a hundred runs in just 31balls. 

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