“Dinesh Karthik, Harshal Patel, Akshar Patel Record New Low For India During 2nd T20i Against Ireland”

In the recent T20I match between India and Ireland, Ireland fought till the last ball to chase 226 runs but unfortunately lost the match. India beat the Ireland players and won the match by a narrow 4 run in Dublin and by this victory they clinched the 2-match series 2-0. But still, the Indian player’s performance did raise a few concerns.

Especially the performance of Dinesh Karthik, Harshal Patel, and Akshar Patel, who were dismissed for golden ducks in Tuesday’s match.

Second T20i Match Insights

Honestly, no one will pass such a big statement about any player without any reason, there must be some reason behind it. At the beginning of the match, six batters together scored just 19 runs, which put extreme pressure on the whole team as well as on the fans.

The major reason behind this victory was two players named Deepak Hooda and Sanju Samson. The former one hit a mind-blowing century and the latter scored 77 runs off 42 balls. Hooda scored 104 runs in just 57 balls and was titled the Player of The Match and Player of The Series.  

While Hooda and Samson were playing tremendously, the trio Dinesh Karthik, Harshal Patel, and Akshar Patel were exactly done the opposite. All of them were dismissed for ducks, and not just ducks but all three were out for golden ducks (which means, when a batter is out after the first ball bowled to them in their innings.)

Now, can you imagine how shameful it’s!

Dinesh Karthik who’s the current captain of the Tamil Nadu domestic team and Harshal Patel who’s the captain of Haryana in the Ranji Trophy was unable to score even a single run and were knocked out by Craig Young.

The all-rounder 28 years old Gujrati cricketer Akshar Patel, also scored zero runs and was cleaned up by Irish player Mark Adair. India is the only team to have three or more 3 golden ducks in a Twenty20 match.

Few More Examples Of Ducks And Golden Ducks!

Until now, 34 examples have been recorded in T20Is, when three or more batters were knocked out in the first ball of the first inning. Previously, India has registered three ducks in four different matches which you can read out below!

The very first time it happened was in the 2011 match against England, another was during a T20I against South Africa in 2016, the next one was also in 2016 while playing against Pakistan and the last one was the recent one while playing against Ireland in Dublin!

Hence, stay in touch and share your views about the three ducks happened in Tuesday’s match and also share whether these golden ducks affect the above-mentioned three players’ careers?

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