David Miller Net Worth: Salary, And Endorsements

The net worth of David Miller is said to be $15 million in 2022. The main source of his net worth is cricket.  Not only that, even his brand value is higher than a lot of famous athletes.

Further, he earns a lot of money through endorsements where he charges a massive sum of money. 

He is known to be the most popular athlete in the world in the game of cricket to reach the pinnacle of his career. He proved his hard work and his unbeatable talent over and over again.

In recent times he is one of the best players in cricket around the world besides he is one of the highest-paid athletes in cricket. 

David Miller’s full name is David Andrew Miller, born on 10th June 1989 in Pietermaritzburg, Natal, South Africa. He is considered to be the most respected player in the world.

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David Miller Salary

David Miller Net Worth

Salary David Miller earned through playing numerous games of cricket is $1 million. The South African player is one of the highest-paid cricketers and is ranked among the top 30 highest-paid players.

He earned his retainer salary of $250000 from the South African Cricket Board. 

Moreover, he also earns Rs. 96000 for each and every ODI he plays and Rs. 64000 for every T20I.

 He is considered one of the richest cricketers in the world and it is estimated that his net worth has grown by 170% in the past few years and his income has also made a high jump. 

David Miller Endorsements

David Miller holds the title of one of the best left-handed batsmen in recent years so getting numerous endorsements is quite inevitable.

It became natural that brands want to have a partnership with him or want him to endorse their brand.

Here is the list of a few brands that David endorsed:

  1. Puma
  2. Colexion NFT
  3. The Harvest Table 
  4. Etherlite (Cryptocurrency)
  5. New Balance (Cricket Gear) 
  6. DSC (Cricket Gear) 
  7. Skrill 

There are many more brands he partnered up with in his whole cricket career since he is one of the highest-grossing players across the globe which adds to his brand value. 

David Miller Assets

As one of the richest players in cricket, he owns a lot of luxurious things like he owns cars like BMW and an Audi.

 David owns a luxury house in his hometown Pietermaritzburg in the Natal province, he lives there with his parents and his siblings. 

The cost is estimated to be Rs. 8 crores and it is said that he owns a lot of real estate properties in various countries.  

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David Miller IPL Salary

David Miller Net Worth

Miller’s IPL salary is a whopping Rs 589,954,000. As he started his journey in IPL in 2011 with Kings XI Punjab where he received Rs 46,00,000 and he retained in Kings XI Punjab from 2011 till the 2019 IPL season but the sum of his salary changed simultaneously unlike his teams. 

In 2020 he was traded to Rajasthan Royals and stayed there until 2021 where he received Rs. 75,00,000.

Here’s a table which represents the sum of money he earned during each year in every team. And In total, he received Rs. 589,954,000 during his whole IPL journey till now. 

Year TeamSalary
2011Kings XI PunjabRs. 4,600,000
2012Kings XI PunjabRs. 5,027,000
2013Kings XI PunjabRs. 5,327,000
2014Kings XI PunjabRs. 125,000,000
2015Kings XI PunjabRs. 125,000,000
2016Kings XI PunjabRs. 125,000,000
2017Kings XI PunjabRs. 125,000,000
2018Kings XI PunjabRs. 30,000,000
2019Kings XI PunjabRs. 30,000,000
2020Rajasthan RoyalsRs. 7,500,000
2021Rajasthan RoyalsRs. 7,500,000

Some Interesting Facts  

1. David Miller is a South African cricketer born on 10th June 1989. The family he grew up in which his father was a club-level cricketer where David got the inspiration and an opportunity to become a cricketer himself. 

2. David Miller earned the nickname Killer-Miller because of his power-hitting techniques.

He managed to climb all the way up in the 2009 -2010 Dolphin season which earned him a call-up to the South African team where he showed his best skills. 

3. He is one of the best left-handed batsmen in the South African Team.

In addition, he played for Dolphins and later played for several other teams including Durham, Glamorgan, KwaZulu Natal, Yorkshire, and the IPL teams he played, Uthal Rudras, Knights, St Lucia Stars, Blame City Blazers, and world-11.

4. David has played 120 total ODI’s in his whole career, where he scored 2922 runs in all with an average of 38.96, and his highest score was 139.

His first ODI was against West Indies in 2010, due to his amazing skills and performance in the first two matches South Africa was able to win the match. Later he was added to the opening batsmen squad.

5. Further, he debuted for IPL in 2012 in King XI Punjab, and in 2013 he scored 101 with only 38 balls which third fastest century in IPL. But later he was removed from captaincy because of the poor performance of his team. 

6. Moreover, he is also known most bankable and rich sports player in the South African cricket team which brings him a lot of endorsements and it is said that his net worth will continue to grow in the coming years. 

Frequently Asked Question 

Q1. What is the net worth of David Miller?

The estimated net worth of David Miller is said to be $15 million in 2022.

Q2. What is the full name of David Miller?

David Miller’s full name is David Andrew Miller. 

Q3. What is the real age of David Miller? 

David Miller was born on 10th June 1989, currently, he is 33 years old.

Q4. What is the salary of David Miller? 

David Miller’s yearly salary is approximately $1 million.

Q5. What is the height of David Miller?

The height of David Miller is 1.91m/ 6’ 2”

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