10 Best Cricket Captain In The World 

Michael Vaughan, Wasim Akram, Virat Kohli, Hansie Cronje, and many others are considered great cricket captains in the world. They have given their great contribution and mastered the skill of captaincy which is indeed not a piece of cake.

If the team is winning then the captain is a hero or else they will be brutally criticized. Having said that, this position has the biggest responsibility of managing, training, deciding, and using the right tactic at right time to make the game worthwhile for the audience and country,

A successful captain can win the match for the team alone by using the right tactic. The team management decides on a captain who can handle the pressure and manage things effectively. 

But as we know all captains are not treated the same because of the results they have given till now. So here is the list of Best Cricket captains in the world. 

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Best Cricket Captains of All Time

MS Dhoni

Best Cricket Captain In The World

Whenever we talk about the best captain, we always keep MS Dhoni in our mind. MS Dhoni is one of the best Indian captains who has achieved some unbelievable records. MS Dhoni led the Indian side from 2007 to 2018.

He is the only captain who has achieved the record of winning the ICC World Cup, T20 World Cup, and Champions Trophy. MS has done this achievement with a weaker bowling unit and it makes his achievements more impressive. 

MS always has good communication with teammates and is always considered a mastermind behind the wickets. He has a lot of belief in the spin bowling unit and always trusts his bowlers. 

MS Dhoni led the Indian side in tests for 60 matches in Tests where his winning percentage was 45 while in ODIs, he led the team for 200 matches where his winning percentage was 59.52. 

MS Dhoni always got huge popularity also because of his keeping skills. But his captaincy career was not much impressive and that’s why he gave that responsibility to Virat Kohli.

Graeme Smith

Best Cricket Captain In The World

Graeme Smith is a retired South African Captain who got the captaincy responsibility at just the age of 22. Smith has a record of leading the Proteas test team with 109 matches with a winning percentage of 48.62. 

He is the most successful captain of South Africa who has also performed while leading the side and has an impressive career with 25 hundred. 

Graeme Smith is a left-handed opening batsman who leads the African side from 2003 to 2014. He has a successful captaincy career with impressive batting skills. 

Ricky Ponting

Best Cricket Captain In The World

Ricky Ponting always remains in a limelight because of his captaincy skills. His captaincy was very popular because he can take any team under pressure. 

Ricky Ponting captained the Australian side from 2002 to 2012. He has handled the pressure very well and always led the side from the front. He has also a good record in batting and his flick shot is something no one can forget. 

Ricky lead the side in Tests for 77 matches where his winning percentage was 62.33. While he led the side in ODIs for a World record 230 times where he won 165 matches, it means his winning percentage was 76.14.

Under his captaincy, Australia won the 2003 and 2007 World Cup, which was a big achievement for any captain. He always keeps the opposition team under tremendous pressure.

It doesn’t matter how low score Australia is making, Ponting knows very well how to defend a low-scoring match by adding pressure on the opposite team. 

Michael Vaughan

Best Cricket Captain In The World

Michael Vaughan is a retired England captain who doesn’t have good records in ODI as a player but as a captain, he will be always remembered. The Ash of 2005 was a memorable event in his life. 

Australia was completely unbeatable at that time and Vaughan’s captaincy made this in England’s favor by 2-1 after 16 years. 

He captained 51 matches in Tests and 60 matches in ODIs. His winning percentage in Tests was 50.98 and 58.92 in ODIs. 

Today he is very active with his tweets and sometimes controversial statements. He had set the benchmark for the England team after becoming a captain. 

Wasim Akram

Best Cricket Captain In The World

Wasim Akram is also a retired Pakistan captain who is mainly known for her authentic swing bowling. He has troubled the whole world with his swinging abilities. 

He has given command of the Pakistan Team in 1993 and he led the team till 2000.  His Test career was not big as ODIs. 

Wasim Akram’s led the Pakistan side in 25 matches in the Test where his winning percentage was 48 while he led the side in 109 matches in ODIs where the winning percentage was 61.42.

He never got that much popularity as a captain but he was popular with his swinging bowling. Even he has a better winning percentage than Imran Khan, the previous captain. 

With his calm abilities, he bring Pakistan to the final of the World Cup 1999 but they were unable to manage winnings. 

Virat Kohli

Best Cricket Captain In The World

Virat Kohli has taken the charge of captaincy after the immediate retirement of MS Dhoni. He became the captain in 2013 and led the Indian side till the start of 2022. 

Talking about his achievements, he led the Indian side in 51 matches in Tests with a winning percentage of 60.78. While he led the Indian side in 80 matches in ODIs where his winning percentage was 75. The record Virat created as a captain is fascinating, more than 70% winning is always considered a big thing for any team. 

Virat Kohli is known for his dominating batting skills that have always thundered the opposition. At present, Virat is 33 years old, he has set a benchmark for the Indian team, especially in Tests.

Considering his consistency and performance, he is always aggressive on the field which motivates his teammates also. India was going through a tough phase in Tests but Virat brought the Indian team to the first rank.

And In actuality, Virat teaches the whole Indian team how to win on foreign soil. 

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Hansie Cronje

Best Cricket Captain In The World

Hansie Cronje was the most successful South African captain with a very good captaincy record. Beating India in India is one of the toughest tasks that was not even done by Ricky Ponting. But Hansie Cronje did that. 

Hansie Cronje led the side in tests in 53 matches where his winning percentage was 50.94. While he led 138 ODI matches where his winning percentage was 73.70, which is a big achievement for any captain. 

Well, his involvement in match-fixing has spoiled his career and completely overshadowed all the achievements he has.


Clive Lloyd

Best Cricket Captain In The World

Clive Lloyd, the successful captain of the West Indies side. Under his captaincy, West Indies won the 1975 and 1979 World Cup. It was the time when the West Indian team was ruling cricket with their amazing batting and bowling skills.

Clive Lloyd has also taken his team to the final of the 1983 World Cup but the Indian team fought back tremendously and won that World Cup. He led the side from 1974 to 1985. 

Clive Lloyd led the side in Tests for 74 matches with a winning percentage of 48.64. While on the other side, he led the team in ODIs for 84 matches with a winning percentage of 77.71, the highest among all captains. 

Steve Waugh

Best Cricket Captain In The World

Steve Waugh can be said as the best captain of all time because he was managing wins for Australia in both ODIs and Test format. Before Ricky Ponting, he led the Australian side stylishly. 

He led the team from 1997 to 2004 and claimed some amazing records. Apart from that, he has also a record of 16 consecutive wins.

The Kangaroos have claimed the first spot for many years in Cricket and Steve Waugh’s score of 120 runs against South Africa in Super Six in the 1999 World Cup was the best knock of his career. 

Steve Waugh has captained the team in Tests for 57 matches with 71.92%. While in ODIs, he leads the side for 103 matches with a winning percentage of 65.23. 

Michael Clarke

Best Cricket Captain In The World

Michael Clarke is another Australian skipper with amazing records. He is a proper perfect all-rounder of the Australian side who led the team from 2008 to 2015 after Ricky Ponting’s era. 

Well, Clarke never got the attention as much Waugh and Ponting got because of leading a few fewer matches on the Test side but in ODIs, he has amazing records. 

Clarke lead the side in Tests for 47 matches with a winning percentage of 51.04 and in ODIs, he led the side for 74 matches with a winning percentage of 70.42, which was quite amazing. 

Michael Clarke is not famous only for his captaincy skills but for also his all-round performance. He has an average of 51.92 in Tests and 45.75 in ODIs. He also played a match-winning knock of 74 runs in the 2015 Word Cup Final. 

Frequently Asked Question

Q1. Who is the king of googly?

Ans. Shahid Afridi is the king of Google who has taken too many wickets on Google. The speed of his googly bowl confused the batsman and either player gets bowled or Lbw. 

Q2. Which country is no1 in cricket?

Ans. Australia is the no.1 team in cricket and has already achieved a lot of records. Australia is the only team who have won five Word Cups till now. 

Q3. Who is the best cricketer in the world?

Ans. Answering this question is a bit tough because many players have created some amazing records in Cricket. But if talk about the best cricketer then Virat Kohli and Sachin Tendulkar are considered the best cricketer in the world. 

Q4. 0Who is India’s No 1 cricketer?

Ans. If we talk about old records then Sachin Tendulkar is India’s No 1 cricketer. While if we talk about the present then Virat Kohli gains this title.

Q5. Who is the greatest batsman of all time?

Ans. Don Bradman of Australia is one of the greatest batsmen of all time.

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